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Indio Water Authority's National Bring Your Child to Work Day

The Indio Water Authority (IWA) hosted 19 school-age children to its first National Take Your Child to Work Day observance as part of its Water Education Program.  The national public-education program connects what children learn at school with the actual working world and encourages girls and boys across the country to dream without limitations and to think imaginatively about their family, work, and community. 

 “At times it seems like we spend more time at work than with our children.  This event allows our children to meet their parents’ co-workers; and understand what IWA and their parents do each and every day.” - Brian Macy IWA General Manager 

Throughout the day, the children participated in several activities which included: joining their parent in their work areas; attending water education presentations; tours of a groundwater well, ion exchange treatment plant, 5 million gallon reservoir, solar panel array, and booster station; sitting behind the steering wheels of police cars, vacuum truk, backhoe, and dump truck. The highlight of the day was a mock IWA Board Meeting where the children mimicked the City Council/IWA Board, staff, and the public. During the Board meeting, the children and parents shared their favorite parts of the day and their overall experience. The big surprise came when the Mayor Pro Tem/IWA Board Vice President, Michael Wilson, presented a certificate of participation to the children.

 “The City of Indio takes great pride in their youth.  Indio Water Authority has been presenting their water education message to Indio schools through their water conservation program for the past several years.  This event allows IWA staff to present their water conservation and education messages to their own children which is great for both the kids and parents.” – Michael Wilson, Mayor Pro Tem/IWA Board Vice President.