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Your Dollars @ Work

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is integral to accomplishing IWA's mission. In Fiscal Year 2017 through 2018, the Indio Water Authority is investing over $4 million in improving existing assets or adding new infrastructure. Current projects include:

 Project NameLocationImpact
Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Customer Web PortalCitywide  Empower customers to gain a more thorough understanding of their water consumption and improve IWA meter reading and customer service operations
Relining of Reservoirs for Plant 2 & 3A Plant 2 & 3 Maintain water quality and extend the useful life of the 5 million gallon steel tanks.
Avenue 44 Water Main Improvement Salpare Place to Dillon Road Improvement to water capacity around project site to improve pressure and fire flow
Master Plan and Hydraulic Model Update Citywide Assures the provision of adequate water facilities to serve new development in IWA's service area. Capital Improvement Program is a translation of the Master Plan into projects.