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In the interest of water savings, it's time to rethink overseeding

October 31, 2017 

This is the time of year when we in the Coachella Valley can count on pleasant temperatures, the return of the tourist trade and … the overseeding of lawns to rejuvenate the grass, fill in thin areas, and possibly incorporate low maintenance seed mixes that require less water and fertilizer.

IWA has the BUZZ on Water Education

August 15, 2017 

Thank you art from the Desert Recreation District

Over 1,000 students in the Indio Water Authority (IWA) service area are educated each year about local water supplies as well as the importance of water conservation through innovate graphical presentations and hands-on activities. IWA's leadership, from the Board of Directors to the General Manager, recognizes the importance of educating students about IWA's local groundwater supply and the importance of water conservation.

Water conservation as a way of life in Indio

July 7, 2017 

Indio Water Authority customers have done a great job since state restrictions went into effect in mid-2015.

Despite the drought being declared over in April 2017, customers are conserving water, thereby saving money and ensuring the long-term health of our aquifer. In May 2017, customers saved 125 million gallons of water compared to the same time in 2013 and saved 141 million gallons in June compared to the same period in 2013.

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