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Utility User Refund Information


Information for Refund of  Utility User Fees for 
Mobile Home and 
Homeowners Associations 

All City of Indio residents and businesses are assessed a Utility Users Fee on amounts paid for water, phone, cable, gas and electric service. You may qualify for a refund of the cable Utility Users Fee, included in your monthly Homeowners Association dues, if you meet the following criteria:

1) You are age 62 or older and file as head of household, or

2) You are a recipient of the Social Security Administration’s Supplemental Security Income Program for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled.

REQUESTS FOR REFUNDS FOR THE PRIOR CALENDAR YEAR WILL BE ACCEPTED JANUARY THROUGH MARCH at the City of Indio, Finance Department, 100 Civic Center Mall (Located directly across from the Indio Library), and the Indio Senior Center, 45700 Aladdin St.

In order to process your refund in a timely manner, please bring in the following:

1) Completed Refund Application

2) An Application for Exemption, if not previously filed

3) Proof of age (Driver’s License, State ID, or Birth Certificate), or Certification from SSI

4) Evidence of residence for the months the refund is requested. Evidence may be in the form of cancelled checks to the Homeowners Association or utility bills that confirm your address.

5) Letter from Homeowners Association showing a breakdown of member dues, including the amount charged for cable services. This letter should be signed by an Association officer. It should be dated to be applicable to the period that the refund is being requested for.

6) A recent copy of the Homeowners Association cable bill