Finance Forms
Alarm Permit Application
Business License In City Commercial
Business License In City Residential
Business License Outside
Business License Vacation Rental
Claim Against the City Form
Deposit Hardship Waiver Form
TOT Registration
TOT Reporting - Monthly
TOT Reporting - Quarterly
UUT Exemption Form
UUT Refund Application
UUT Remittance Form 


Building & Safety Forms

14 Day Asbestos Notification - Prior to Demolition

Accessible Drinking Fountain Requirement
Application for Address Assignment
Balcony & Deck Standards
Block Wall
Building Application Form
Indio Carbon Monoxide Form
Capital Impact Fees
Commercial Plan Submittal Requirements

Construction & Demo Management Plan 1 of 2

Construction & Demo Management Plan 2 of 2

Detached Garage Standards
Energy Regulations
Manufactured Home Alterations and Permit Guidelines
Patio Plan
Pilaster Construction Detail
Plan Submit Checklist
Residential Plan Check
Roof Frame & Notch Standard
Sample Grease Interceptor
Sub Contractor's List
Unreasonable Hardship Application
Wall Bracing Standard



Planning Forms
Appeal to the City Council
Appeal to the Planning Commission
Application for Lot Line Adjustment
Assessment District Application
Community Facilities District Petition
Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions Form (CC&R)
DRC Application
Funding Request Form (Fee Waiver for Non-profit Organizations)
Landscape Plan Check Application
Lot Line Adjustment Application
Permanent and Temporary Sign Application
Planning Application
Planning Fees
Public Convenience and Necessity Application
Quimby Fees
Sample Site Plan
Sign Application
Special Use Permit
Zoning Verification Letter Application



Police Forms
Background Application
Police Employment  Application


Community Services Forms
Itinerant Vendor Registration
Park Use Permit
Photography/Film Permit Application

Senior Center Registration Application

Teen Center Registration Application


Engineering Forms
Assessment District Application