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City Manager's Message

Dear Resident,

Our community has an election this November! You may already have a ballot at your home. The sole item on your ballot is local Measure E.

If approved by Indio voters, Measure E (the City of Indio No Tax Increase Safety/ Essential City Services Protection Measure), would extend the current voter-approved 1- cent local sales tax until ended by voters, providing a continued and stable source of locally controlled funds to address City services and community priorities – inclusive of significant fire, emergency response, drinking water and bridge/overpass needs.

By law, no Measure E funds would be taken by the county or state, and the accountability provisions of current local funding, including annual independent audits and online expenditure reports available for public review, and citizens’ oversight, will remain in place.

The State is continuing its all-mail ballot election format. All active registered voters should receive a ballot in the mail, and additional ways to participate in person are also available.

Please participate in your LOCAL Special Election.

For information on local Measure E, please visit

Bryan Montgomery