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City of Indio Fiber Master Plan in development

The City of Indio has partnered with Magellan Advisors to develop a Fiber Master Plan to guide the development of reliable and cost-effective next-generation broadband. The Plan will develop strategies for enhancing broadband in the City of Indio to expand innovation and quality of life. The goal of a Fiber Master Plan has both economic and social benefits to the economy through increased opportunities, workforce development training, the narrowing of the digital and/or economic divide, and improved organizational operation efficiencies.

In the coming months, Magellan Advisors and the City of Indio will perform outreach to the community to better understand the need for additional broadband options and develop recommendations for a broadband program. In addition, workshops for businesses and anchor institutions, including healthcare facilities, schools, large employers, and other key stakeholders will be conducted.

“A Fiber Master Plan is a vital investment for our business community, and will also help meet the demand for high-speed connectivity across the City for everyone,” said City Manager Bryan Montgomery.

The Fiber Master Plan will be completed in March 2022 and will provide the framework for Indio to invest in and support enhanced next-generation broadband services for years to come. Funding for a Fiber Master Plan in Indio will come from General Funds earmarked for this purpose by the City Council. City staff and the Magellan Team will provide an overview of the project to the Indio City Council at the Oct. 20, 2021 meeting.

To learn more about the City of Indio Fiber Master Plan, and to participate in a future survey and community outreach meetings, go to

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