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Measure X

Q: What is Measure X?

A: Over the past year, the City has been engaging the community and obtaining feedback from residents regarding priorities and needs from the City. To help address these needs, on August 3rd, the City Council voted to place Measure X the City of Indio Neighborhood Safety/Essential City Services Improvement Measure, a Transaction and Use Tax Measure on the November 8, 2016 ballot for voter consideration. Measure X is a one-cent local sales tax measure and would be paid by residents as well as out-of-town visitors who come to shop.. The tax will not apply to prescription drugs or food purchased as groceries.

Q: Why was Measure X placed on the ballot?

A: Measure X was developed after receiving hundreds of Indio residents input through X town hall meetings, X community feedback surveys and independent public opinion research. Measure X was placed on the ballot to address essential service priorities and needs in the City of Indio identified through community outreach. If enacted, Measure X would provide locally-controlled funding to help the City maintain essential City services including 911 emergency response times, road maintenance and police services including gang and drug enforcement programs.

Q: Would Measure X improve Indio’s streets and roads?

A: Yes, Measure X will help provide funds to fix potholes and maintain City streets. There are currently $6 million per year of unmet needs to properly maintain Indio’s 172 miles of City streets. Delaying improvements will only make road repairs more expensive in the future.

Q: Will Measure X help address public safety needs?

A: Yes, Measure X will help maintain essential public safety services needed to keep our schools, parks and neighborhoods safe, which is a priority for the City Council. If enacted, funds from Measure X will provide additional funding for police officers and firefighters, upgrade 911 communications systems, replace outdated fire trucks and ambulances, and allow the City to continue to provide funding for after school programs.

Q: What services specifically would Measure X address?

A: If enacted, Measure X would provide funding to:

  •  Continue police gang and drug enforcement programs
  •  Maintain rapid 911 emergency response times
  •  Increase police patrols of neighborhoods, parks and local schools
  •  Maintain senior services
  •  Maintain City streets and intersections to improve traffic flow and  reduce congestion

Q: How can we be sure Measure X funds are spent properly?

A: Measure X will be subject to fiscal accountability requirements including an annual independent audit and citizens’ oversight. Further, all funds raised must be used for City of Indio general services and no funds can be taken by the State.

Q: How can I get more information?

A: For more information about the measure please call (760) 541-4444.

Link to: Registar of Voters

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