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City Manager's Message - April 2017

Dear Friends,

Music festival season has arrived for Indio.  This year, the footprint of the festivals has expanded to accommodate additional attendees.  The festivals' growth has many benefits for our local economy that will be enhanced by additional Measure X funds.  But what does that really mean for our residents?

As City Manager, one of the most important aspects of my office is to understand how the festivals' growth and development impacts our city.  To accomplish that task, city staff must look at many elements of impact: economic, infrastructure, public safety, and much more.   Because of the massive scale of our concerts, it becomes a very complex exercise. 

Through the years, we have worked hand in hand with our event promoters to stay ahead of issues that could have potential impact to our residents.  We study traffic patterns, environmental impacts, and other challenges involved with putting on our major events.  I’m proud of the work we have done to ensure our festival season has minimal impact on our residents, while providing an optimal experience for our guests.  

With that said, we understand that at times road closures and additional tourism into our city may offer a small amount of inconvenience for those of us who live here full time.  Know that our outstanding police department, public works team, and many more dedicated staff are constantly looking for ways to get even better at minimizing these issues.  

At the same time, we have a keen sense of why we take on this massive undertaking - revenue.  Long after the brief stay of bright lights and high energy music leave our city, the money generated by our festivals keeps working for us.  The estimated $403 million dollars spent in the Coachella Valley during the festivals has created a unique opportunity for our city, and area, to grow.  

As a city, we are doing everything we can to leverage that.  With the passage of Measure X, we are working to ensure that our guests shop and dine in Indio to generate additional sales tax revenues to fix our roads and increase public safety services. 

During the month of April, we will take time to welcome our friends from all over the world to Indio.  If you are hosting guests from out of town or renting out your home, please help us promote our great city and support our local businesses by encouraging them to shop local.  Visitors Guides are available free of charge at our local Visitors Center on Indio Blvd and at City Hall, we encourage you to leave a copy for your guests.  

It takes a lot of effort to host such a large crowd, and in some cases a small adjustment to our daily routines.  But we are proud to show them the city we have become, and the progress we continue to make.  Yes, we are the City of Festivals but we are also home to nearly 90,000 people and are the largest and fastest growing city in the Coachella Valley. Let’s keep it going!


Dan Martinez
City Manager