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District-Based Elections

Based on feedback from our residents and several draft map recommendations from our demographer, the City Council approved the “violet” map on a 4-1 vote (Councilmember Lupe Ramos Watson abstained) on August 2, 2017. An ordinance was introduced on September 6, 2017, and a second reading on September 20, 2017. If passed, it will go into effect in November of 2018 when three of the five new districts will vote to elect new city council members, and the remaining two districts will do the same in 2020. 

Violet Map approved by City Council

On April 19, 2017, the Indio City Council adopted a resolution to transition from our current system of at-large elections (one in which all voters in the city vote for the entire city council) to a district-based election system (one in which city council candidates from specified geographic districts are elected only by voters within their district). The community is invited to attend public hearings to ask questions, provide comments and be part of the process. The public hearing schedule is below.

The City has decided to transition to district-based elections for City Council in order to fulfill the intent and purposes of the California Voting Rights Act.  The California Voting Rights Act was enacted in 2001 to ensure the California constitutional guarantees of equal protection and the right to vote. 

How It Will Work

  • The City of Indio will be divided into five districts that are created using a number of criteria, including: topography, geography, cohesiveness/compactness, and communities of interest in the districts. 
  • During the public hearing process, we will develop the initial draft of the proposed districts. A demographer will look at the demographics of our city and draw up five districts taking into account the demographics, ethnic diversity, communities of interest, and geography of the City, among other factors. At the same time, we will gather input from the community and encourage city residents to submit their own proposed maps to identify what districts they propose. We will carefully listen to the community and take into account any concerns or suggestions proposed by our residents.
  • After the proposed districts are identified, we will continue the public hearings and ordinance process to vet the proposed districts. The ordinance will go into effect in September 2017. The first district-based council elections would be held on November 6, 2018.

We welcome any comments or suggestions from the community as we begin this transition process. Please contact us at 760-541-4444 or for any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

District-Based Elections Presentation


Public Hearing/Ordinance Schedule

May 17, 2017

Council Meeting/Public Hearing #1

June 7, 2017

Council Meeting/Public Hearing #2

June 7-June 13, 2017

Draft Map(s) Drawn

June 14, 2017

Public Draft Map(s) and Sequencing

June 21, 2017

Council Meeting/Public Hearing #3

July 5, 2017

Council Meeting/Public Hearing #4

August 2, 2017

Council Meeting/Public Hearing #5

September 6, 2017

Council Meeting/First Reading of Ordinance

September 20, 2017

Council Meeting/Second Reading of Ordinance

November 2018

First districts hold elections

November 2020

Remaining districts hold elections


Draft Maps

ARC GIS Draft Maps

Maroon Map


Violet Map


Green Map

Orange Map

Purple Map