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Seniors & Teens Enjoy Bridging the Generation Gap

The Indio Senior Center teamed up with the Indio Teen Center again this summer for its 9th year of intergenerational activities. The program, lead by the ISC, is designed to bridge the gap between senior and teens, encouraging mutual respect, appreciation, and understanding.

In early July, seniors and teens met at Yucaipa Park for some fun in the sun (thankfully the temperatures were only in the 80s!). The generations bonded over playing horseshoes and board games, swimming, and hiking. When lunchtime rolled around, participants enjoyed chatting in the shade over a picnic lunch.

Later on that month, the ISC hosted the Summer Olympics, where seniors and teens team up to compete in fun, silly games. Each team includes one senior and one teen, who receive matching shirts to signal their team. Of course, teams need to work as one, so to start things off, the team members get to know each other. After chatting for a spell, the teams go around and take turns introducing one another to the rest of the participants.

That’s when the games begin! This year, teams enjoyed games like Ping Pong Ball Catch, in which one player bounces a ball toward their partner, who amusingly has four plastic attached to their arms in which to catch the ball. In Mini Marshmallow Toss, teams toss mini marshmallows at their partners, who have to try to catch 10 in a cup.

The event was a success: by the end of the day, both generations enjoyed getting to know one another a bit better. No doubt they’ll be back again next year! 

For more information on programs visit the Indio Teen Center or Indio Senior Center websites.