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Explore the Tasty Side of Desert Oasis

Let’s be honest. Music festivals are more than music, they are about the experience. And with experience comes food and drink. Because what more do you want than to enjoy great music than with a yummy chicken tenders and a great beer? Nothing is the answer! 
The food vendors have plenty to offer here at Desert Oasis. From the local favorite, Jackelope Ranch serving organic grass fed burgers and fries, to the all-time crowd favorite, Spicy Pie, attendees can relish in the ultimate food tour. Taco Bout Tasty brings a party to your mouth with tacos, their “Macho” burrito, carne asada fries, fresh fruit and sides. Remix Ramen brings an Asian flare to the festival with three delicious ramen options for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to add Siracha! 

For those looking for a pick-me-up, Desert Coffee Trader is here for you. They offer everything from cold and hot coffee drinks to refreshing fruit smoothies. Jamaican Cuisine “Strictly Vegan” allows for everyone to indulge. Grab a reggae wrap, jerk chicken, curry chicken, love salad, real coconut drinks, and many more delicious gluten free, vegan options. Greek Eats offers tasty gyros, chicken kabobs, Greek salads, falafel and hummus, and more to treat your international taste. 

Music festivals wouldn’t be the same without the addicting kettle corn, sliders and fries or chicken fingers vendors. They are a staple and we love them. They bring us all the decadent flavors fried food have to offer and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Enter lobster. No dish can be bad when it includes lobster. Especially on a bowl of mac and cheese. It’s just science (Don’t quote us, we just really love lobster). Anyway, this bowl of mac and cheese will not only fill you up, it is a tasty journey you will undoubtedly enjoy. 

With all this delicious food, we must talk about the great beverages. From the killer beer gardens featuring 805 and Firewalker, among yummy mixed drinks, there is something to capture every taste preference.  And for those that are looking for a non-alcoholic treat, look no further. There is a hand-crafted soda bar serving amazing flavors including orange, root beer, strawberry, ginger ale, black cherry, and vanilla cream. Don’t forget that you can also make any hand-crafted soda a float and served in a souvenir cup or in a steel cup!