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City of Indio Received Grants for Enhancing Public Safety

The city of Indio announced it has been awarded grants that will add new resources in public safety for the community.

The first grant in the amount of $1,949,000 was awarded by the State of California Department of Finance. The city of Indio is receiving $1,169,000, with another $780,000 allocated for the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission.

The city of Indio’s portion of the grant will allow the Indio Police Department to add new resources, including a behavioral health specialist; another quality of life officer to help facilitate the health and safety of members of the community; and a transportation van and more.

“This grant was accomplished through a tremendous team effort, and I would like to specifically recognize Senior Management Analyst Erika Martinez in preparing a successful application,” said Indio Police Chief, Mike Washburn. “Erika worked collaboratively with a number of people, including representatives from the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission, in order to put together the proposal for this grant – which will increase and enhance our work with the homeless in our community.” 

The other grant was awarded by the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Program. The grant – created by the U.S. Department of Justice/Bureau of Justice Assistance – supports all components of the criminal justice system, such as evidence-based policing programs, and personnel and equipment purchases. The city of Indio is receiving $34,941 from this grant which will provide a community outreach coordinator who will focus on juvenile crime prevention and other community outreach programs. 

“These grants will be instrumental in helping the city of Indio really make an impact in the health and safety of our residents,” said Mayor Elaine Holmes. “Grants such as these supplement city funds so we are able to develop programs and resources that will really make a difference in the lives of those we serve.”