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IWA Launches Social Media Outreach

"Social media is another tool we can use to communicate with our ratepayers and maintain transparency in our operations," Communications and Outreach Coordinator Scott Trujillo said. We look forward to posting the latest news and interacting with you on Facebook and Twitter.

The new accounts will feature information on water quality, operations, community and IWA events, emergency alerts, and helpful tips on such topics such as conservation and preventing water pollution.

In addition, to further improve communications and customer engagement, IWA recently launched a new web portal where customers can pay bills, monitor water usage, request service, and receive alerts. The web portal can be accessed through this website or on mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

"Engaging directly and frequently with our customers is very important to IWA", Trujillo added. It makes sense in this digital age to use social media to reach out to the community and we hope everyone gets involved in this new opportunity to connect.