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City Manager's Message - December 2017

Dear Neighbors,
I was honored on December 6 to be appointed as Indio City Manager – losing the “Interim” tag that I have had since August.  I feel very privileged to serve the Indio community in this capacity.  As I told the City Council, I promise you to give Indio my very best effort, to be accessible and to listen.  I look forward to getting increasingly involved as a community member and as City Manager.
In coming here, I have inherited a top-caliber group of City Hall teammates who I have come to trust and respect for their dedication to service.  This is the seventh (and last) city that I will serve as City Manager.  Our Indio City workforce is as good or better than any I have had the joy to work with despite the fact we are a small team.  Small but committed!  I am also delighted to work for a team of elected officials who share a bold vision and the drive to achieve it.  They all care deeply.  
The best part of working in Indio is the people who live here.  I thank all those who have welcomed me so warmly, and I pledge you my energy and caring.  
I feel free to brag a bit about Indio because I am so new that my praise is directed entirely to others.  It is clear to me that the world has discovered our fair city, and opportunities for growth and investment are probably as high as they have been in many years.  We are seeing interest in housing (both building and buying), in commercial development and in job creation.  There are also so many of what I call “services of the heart” provided here in Indio by vibrant nonprofit networks that deserve our recognition and support.  Especially during this season, we are grateful for the services they step up to provide.  I encourage all who value community to find ways to support these worthy groups with your time and/or resources.
This is your city.  As we grow and evolve, it is critical that we maintain the character of this city –that which makes our residents proud.  Please let me know when you have ideas or suggestions – or even criticisms that will help us know how best to serve.  My contact information is provided below.  I look forward to receiving your comments.
Best wishes,
Mark Scott
Proud to be….City Manager
City of Indio