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Do you know the FAQs about tap water? Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you see the benefits of making the switch from the bottle to the tap!

Your tap water is safe

IWA conducts rigorous tests to ensure our water is compliant with the health and safety standards set by federal and state regulators.  We use ion-exchange technology to remove naturally occurring chromium-6 from our drinking water.

To protect the quality of water post-treatment, we use a small amount of chlorine as a bacterial disinfectant to keep your drinking water drinkable! The amount of chlorine added has no negative health effects; it's simply used to keep harmful bacteria from growing in your drinking water. 

Your tap water is locally sourced

IWA is supplied by 100% local groundwater, sourced from the Coachella Valley Groundwater Basin. The basin’s water is naturally recharged from percolating surface and spring water and runoff from the nearby mountain ranges. We are lucky to have local access to this vital resource.

Because of IWA’s proximity to the basin, we’re able to responsibly utilize a more cost-effective water source than many of our Southern California neighbors. With this advantage, IWA has a responsibility to preserve and protect this water supply for our future. Learn more about how you can protect local groundwater on

Your tap water is economical

The average cost of bottled water, per gallon, was $1.11 in 2016. Buying a $1 bottle of water a day per year would cost you $365. The same amount of water from the tap would cost you only $2! We’ll let you do the math.

In addition to being cost effective, tap water is better for the environment. Did you know less than one-fourth of the water bottles used in the U.S.  are recycled annually? Just one pitcher of tap water a day can effectively replace as many as 300 standard, 16.9- ounce plastic bottles, potentially removing heaps of waste from landfills!