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Multi-Modal Feasibility Study to Explore Transit Hub Options in Indio

The City of Indio will move forward with a Multi-Modal Feasibility Study as part of a California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant.

The study will identify and evaluate potential locations for the construction of a multi-modal transportation facility in the City of Indio. It will also analyze the best way to connect transportation services that include commuter and intercity rail, bus rapid transit, regional and local buses, and active transportation elements at a single location for Indio residents and visitors.

Public participation in the proposed feasibility study will be a vital component to gather public input on whether a transit hub is needed and would be utilized by the City of Indio.

The first part of the study will assess the existing land uses, transportation network, demographics, topography and economic conditions in the city. The second part of the study will look at strategic alternatives to enhance multi-modal traffic and circulation in and around Indio. This includes the viability of Indio as a passenger rail station stop for Amtrak along its existing Sunset Limited train service.

Although the study will include a citywide assessment of potential locations for the transportation center, a focal area will be Downtown Indio for two reasons: 1) the City has a temporary transit center located in Downtown Indio that consists of a parking lot with 240 parking spaces and a temporary mobile office unit for existing transit providers; and 2) Downtown Indio is an area under residential, commercial and industrial development – with future plans to be a main draw for visitors.

Watch future City of Indio newsletters for updates on the progress of the Multi-Model Feasibility Study prospective transit hub. For more information, contact Toyen Blake at