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City Manager's Message - February 2018

Indio continues to fascinate me as a new City Manager.  This is a busy time of year, marked by special events and community activities.  We are fortunate to live and work in a place with such commitment to civic service and community involvement.  Our newsletter highlights some of our upcoming activities.
If you are a City Council watcher, you may see that our City staff has been enhanced by the addition of our new City Clerk Administrator Sabdi Sanchez.  Sabdi is responsible for working in support of the Council, the elected City Clerk Cynthia Hernandez and the City Manager.  It is a big job -- as record-keeper, archivist, elections official and more.
Finally, I want to mention that this is the month when we recognize our City employee high achievers for their commitment to the community.  We were happy on Feb. 8 to acknowledge 30 employees who hit longevity milestones (5, 10, 15, and 20 years), and we announced the following special award winners as Employee of the Year for the following:
Customer Service -- Josue Birrueta
Field Services -- Mike Edgar
Supervisory Leadership -- Jim Curtis
Police Officer -- James Koyanogi
I congratulate these employees, and all of the relatively small team of employees who work every day to help make Indio a great place to be.  It is my privilege to work with them.