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City of Indio Implements Drone Ordinance

To effectively regulate Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) within the City of Indio in order to promote health, safety and the general welfare of its residents, the City is implementing appropriate regulations of drones relate to zoning, land use, privacy, trespassing and law enforcement operations.

The drone ordinance is not intended to preempt the rules of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), but to operate in conjunction with those rules to promote public safety. There has been a second reading of the Ordinance – No. 1731 – and a new chapter (105) entitled Drone Regulations shall be added to the Title IX (General Regulations) of the Indio Municipal Code.

Chapter 105, Drone Regulations, includes the Purpose and Intent, Definition, Operating Requirements and Restrictions, Protected Sites, Exemptions, Commercial Operations and Enforcement. Anyone owning and intending to operate a drone in the City of Indio should read the entire chapter and reference it when planning drone filming within the City.

Protected sites include ports – no person shall operate a drone within 5 miles of any airport or nautical facility unless authorized by the chief administer of the facility in writing. Other protected sites to be aware of are government buildings, City Hall, courts, jails, police stations, sheriff’s station, fire stations, schools, public utility facilities, communication and utility lines, churches, private property or special events – unless, once again, authorized in writing by the administrator or owner.

Click HERE to view the drone ordinance.

Contact the Indio Police Department for more information at (760) 391-4123.