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Indio Police Department to Enforce Street Sweeping Compliance

Indio Police Chief, Mike Washburn, has announced that the Indio Police Department (IPD) will start issuing warning notices as part of its public education campaign regarding the no-park violation for street sweeping.

For the last several months, Code Enforcement Officers have been assigned to follow the street sweeper and post informational notices on vehicles parked during restrictive parking periods. Between January and the end of March, officers posted over 1,000 of the informational notices on vehicles that were parked during sweeping periods. These notices have had limited success in reducing the number of vehicles parked in violation of the posted restriction.

Code Enforcement Officers will issue formal warning citations generated and tracked in the Department’s electronic parking citation writers. These warning citations look the same as normal parking citations but clearly say “Warning-Do Not Pay” across the bottom and display a fine amount of $0.

By transitioning to these warning citations, IPD will be able to track each time a vehicle was contacted. Moving from the education campaign to enforcement, these tracked warning citations can be used to determine if it is appropriate to issue a parking citation.

Staff has been directed to only issue parking citations for street sweeping violations if the vehicle had been previously contacted and a warning citation issued. This slow, methodical escalation of enforcement should give local citizens ample opportunity to respond before receiving a citation.