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City Offers New Medication Recycling Program!

The City of Indio is happy to introduce the newest service offered by our Environmental Services Division! The City recently added the TakeAway Medication Recovery System envelope. This new disposal program helps residents properly dispose of controlled and non-controlled medications. Residents simply fill the prepaid, tamper-evident envelope with medications, including controlled substances, seal the envelope with the special tamper-evident seal and hand to a postal carrier or drop off at a U.S. Postal Office.

Important Guidelines for the use of the TakeAway envelope:
Medications should be in their original containers when placed into the TakeAway envelope.
Liquids must be placed in a sealed plastic bag (e.g. a zip-locked bag) before being placed inside the envelope. No more than four (4) ounces of liquids can be included in each mailing.
Seal the envelope carefully.
Take the sealed envelope to a U.S. Post Office or U.S. Postal Service drop box, or simply hand it to your U.S. postal carrier.

Indio residents can obtain their TakeAway envelope at City Hall during regular business hours Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm or for more information, call Sara Toyoda at 760-625-1815.