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Have You Seen Indio's New Legacy Video?

Indio's new Legacy Video shares the authentic and heartfelt stories of our residents and families who have shaped and are shaping the future of the community. Through the eyes of our youth who are navigating life in today's world and families who have been here for generations, we witness Indio's greatest strength - our people. Ashley Gonzalez is an Indio High School student who finds support from the community to become the best version of herself. Jorge Andrade shares his experience growing up in Indio and the success he achieved to become a high school valedictorian and UC Berkeley graduate. Albert Keck is a multi-generational date farmer with deep roots in the community who shows how far Indio has grown. Finally, Rosa Flores shares the story of her family restaurant business that is now being passed down to the next generation. These stories are but a glimpse of what makes Indio great and it reminds us that as our city grows, it is love, kindness, generosity and family that binds us together as a small and tight-knit community. We are Indio! Watch Indio's Legacy video here