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City’s Participates in Migrant Children Assistance Program Internship

This summer, Josue Duarte was given the opportunity to intern for the City of Indio through the Migrant Education Program (MEP). He worked with the Community Development and Public Works Departments for the past seven weeks. Being an intern was valuable experience for Josue since he is interested in pursuing a career in engineering. During his time with the City, Josue filed invoices, reviewed and revised building plans and many other tasks. "I know that the experience I have gained will help me prevail in my future academic years in college," Josue said. "I appreciate all of the advice my supervisors gave me and I hope one day I can repay them and my community."

David Marquez was also an intern with the City in the Human Resources Department through the MEP. During his seven-week internship, David was able to learn about the many different departments within the City. This internship helped David strengthen his skills that he can apply in the real world. As an intern, David's favorite part was being able to meet and socialize with the city staff while getting to know what they do for Indio. "This Internship has greatly impacted me in the sense that I am more open to try new things," David said. "I would really recommend anyone to intern at the City of Indio because it was a really valuable experience."