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Corazon de Mexico at t he Coachella Valley History Museum

The Coachella Valley History Museum, located at 82616 Miles Avenue in Indio, has received a collection of over 100 pieces of original, authentic folk art from a donor who has spent years living and traveling throughout Mexico. The collection will be featured in an exhibit titled Corazon de Mexico: Folk Art From The Heart Of Mexico . The exhibit will open on October 4, 2019 and will continue until October 2021.

The Coachella Valley has a rich history of Mexican settlement. Folk art has been described as decorative as well as utilitarian. No other exhibit of this type has ever been displayed in the Coachella Valley. The intent of the exhibit is for visitors to the Valley and for residents who live here to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of Mexican Folk Art. The goal is to instill pride in our local Mexican population for the rich cultures of Oaxaca and Michoacán, Mexico. For those who are not of Hispanic heritage, the exhibit will open their minds to how people can take utilitarian objects and create art influenced by their history and their environment.

Check the Museum's website,, for additional information about this and many other exhibits.