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The Inspiration for Flight Plan: The Birds of Sunnylands at CVHM

The Inspiration for Flight Plan: The Birds of Sunnylands at CVHM

The Coachella Valley History Museum is pleased to announce one of their newest exhibits Flight Plan: The Birds of Sunnylands . This exhibit focuses on the sanctuary that Walter and Leonore Annenberg created for birds at their home in Rancho Mirage. Today, a wide and colorful variety of birds reside within, or migrate through, the 200-acre estate and the Center & Gardens. Through photographs, the exhibition tells the story of the Annenbergs’ careful cultivation of a desert environment where birds are encouraged to visit.

The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands commissioned National Geographic photographer Tim Laman to document the range of bird species found at Sunnylands. Over a two-year period, he captured detailed images of bird behavior including courtship dances, hunting habits, and mid-air acrobatics. A selection of the more than 130 species of birds that have been identified at Sunnylands are included in the exhibition that can now be seen at The Coachella Valley History Museum. With an artistic eye, Laman photographed the birds in their natural habitat, resulting in arresting images that highlight bird behavior.

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