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City Manager's Message - November 2019

Dear Neighbors,

For this month’s column, I am just going to offer some quick odds & ends:

· We had a great time at the October 31 State of the City luncheon hosted by our Chamber of Commerce at Fantasy Springs. If you were not there, you can see Mayor Lupe Ramos Amith’s State of the City presentation here. You can find the link in the story on the topic in this newsletter.

· Mayor Ramos Amith’s presentation came complete with a very futuristic, animated video projecting the vibrant Indio we expect in 2040 and beyond. She was illustrating the City Council’s BOLD vision for our future, unencumbered by tired expectations that might otherwise put limits on the exciting possibilities we have in our community. To quote the Mayor, the video is futuristic, but everything in it is possible.

· I was noticing the attendance at our State of the City event included several elected officials from neighboring cities. Very supportive. Our Councilmembers frequently reciprocate. I have been City Manager in 4 California counties. In the Coachella Valley, our elected officials all work together and support each other better than in any of the other regions of the State that I have experienced. We truly have great elected officials throughout this region. I believe it manifests itself in better policy making.

· All cities compete for business investment. As a City staff, we always welcome people who come to invest in doing business in Indio. We want to encourage them....but with one caveat. For any business that thinks they can offer lesser service quality in Indio than elsewhere in the CV — we respectfully say no thank you. Not in our town!

· You may wonder why the City Manager writes these newsletter columns rather than the Mayor or City Councilmembers. The answer is that California voters many years ago placed strict limits on use of City resources in City publications that might be considered as “promoting” elected officials. Email newsletters are arguably exempt, but we err on the side of prudence. (And I’d miss it if I had to vacate this column!)

So, I have been boasting that my wife and I are moving to Indio! And we did. We live here now. And within one week, I already got cited by my HOA! So now I feel like a full-fledged member of the community. As for the HOA, they were right. My garage doors need painting. I promise to comply. Happy to do our share!

As if moving was not enough, I turned 70 this week. One of my staff told me I’m not really 70. I’m 69.95 plus tax. Any way you cut it, I am grateful to be healthy, happy and a resident-City Manager of this wonderful community with a future full of exciting possibilities.

Let me know what we can do to be of service.

Mark Scott