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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Now Open at Walmart

Electrify America has installed four electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the Walmart located at 82-491 Avenue 42. Each of the stations have two chargers and they are live and open to the public. The charging stations range from 50kW all the way to 350kW. Many cars are not yet capable of accepting the 350kW charging speed but any EV can use them because the charger will charge at the highest rate the connecting vehicle will accept. Electrify America builds the 350kW stations, also known as DC Fast Charging, on the belief that the automotive industry will eventually build cars that can charge at the higher speeds. Especially, if the infrastructure is ready for them. Electrify America was developed as part of the settlement with Volkswagen after some of their diesel cars were found to pollute the air more than regulations allow. Now the company builds EV charging stations across the country but especially in California because half of all the electric vehicles in the country are owned in California. Indio is an excellent choice for the chargers because the City supports so many sustainable activities. Indio is working in partnership with the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee to bring at least two more EV charging stations to other areas of the city. Construction on these charging stations should begin in early 2020.