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Shelter-in-place order for California

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a statewide executive order this evening, setting strict “stay at home” restrictions on all Californians. The Governor cited the increasing spread of COVID-19 cases, and fears that the hospital and medical facilities in the state will soon be overwhelmed if the rate of new coronavirus infections is not immediately reduced. While recognizing the severe restrictions this executive order places on people, he urged that we all accept our citizenship responsibilities and to make every effort to comply.

The City of Indio, the Mayor and City Council, ask all our citizens to provide full support. While we lack complete details concerning the new order, we can provide the following basic provisions:

  • Californians and family members are asked to stay at home as much as possible, except for trips required to provide for essential purposes. Essential purposes are listed as groceries, food stores, medical offices, convenience stores, gas stations, restaurant take-out or drive-thrus, pharmacies, banks, laundromats/dry cleaners, and critical government services.
  •  Prohibited uses include bars and nightclubs, dine-in restaurants, gyms and fitness centers, entertainment venues and public events.
  • The information to date does not specifically address it, but we assume other prohibited uses will include malls, nail and hair salons, clothing stores, etc. As soon as we know more, we will share it.

The bottom line is that we are all urged to do our share. Mayor Glenn Miller, on behalf of the City Council said tonight, “There is no question that this virus affects all of us, and especially the elderly and medically vulnerable. We are all asked to sacrifice to get through the crisis. Some of our citizens bear a greater share of the sacrifice, especially those who are losing jobs or closing businesses. As we go through this, we will need to pay special attention to the vulnerable, and to those who are making extraordinary sacrifices. The City of Indio will make every effort to maintain our critical public services.”

Additional information will be posted tomorrow on and on an ongoing  basis on a new website created by the state to answer questions about the shelter-in-place.  Thank you for your support.