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IWA's Residential Customer Assistance Program through the United Way of the Desert

The Indio City Council/Indio Water Authority Board recently approved a partnership with the United Way of the Desert for the creation and administration of a Residential Customer Assistance Program funded by non-rate revenue and charitable donations.

How does the program work?

Eligible residential customers can receive a $50 credit on their water bill twice in a 12-month period. Customers must reapply for subsequent years.

United Way of the Desert manages the Customer Assistance Program. United Way of the Desert or its partners such as the Catholic Charities in Indio screens eligible customers and provides them with assistance in paying a past due water bill.

Who qualifies for assistance?

Customers must meet the following criteria to receive assistance:

  • The IWA bill must be in the name of the residential customer seeking assistance.
  • The address on the bill must be the customers' primary residence. 
  • Income must be within guidelines; this is currently being waived if your household is impacted by COVID-19.

How to apply for assistance

To apply



( Residential Customer Assistance Program Brochure )