Management Team

The Management Team is comprised of directors of each of the nine major departments: Development Services, Economic Development, Finance, Fire, Housing and Development, Human Resources, Police, Public Works, and Water. The Management Team is responsible to follow direction set by the City Manager in implementation of Council’s goals and objectives.

Rob Rockwell

Assistant City Manager and Director of Finance

(760) 391-4029


Mike Washburn

Chief of Police

(760) 391-4053


Carl S. Morgan

Director of Economic Development

(760) 391-4203


Terry Deeringer

Director of Human Resources and Risk Management

(760) 391-4009


Tim Wassil

Director of Public Works

(760) 391-4018



Jorge Rodriguez

Fire Chief

(760) 347-0756


Brian Macy

IWA General Manager

(760) 625-1808