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 Building Permit Application
Building and Safety Upload Form


* All other applications shall be completed manually. They will need to be downloaded, filled out, scanned, and uploaded to the City of Indio - Building and Safety Upload Form with all the required application material(s).

Or you can email the application and all required application material(s) directly to

 ** If you have any questions please contact us at (760) 391-4110. 

Building Division Forms, Standards, & Fees

Section UL

Building - Fees

Capital Impact FeesAs of 2/20/192/20/2019
City Fees Schedule3/25/2020
Quimby & Fringe-Toed Lizard Fees8/30/2016
TUMF Handbook (2018)8/30/2016

Building - Forms

Basic Design Data4/28/2020
Building Division Permit Application8/30/2016
Certification of Smoke & Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms and Water-Conserving Plumbing Fixtures4/30/2020
Cool Roof Handout8/14/2020
Eligibility Checklist for Expedited Solar Photovoltaic Permitting for One- and Two-Family Dwellings8/30/2016
Inspection Guide for PV Systems in One- and Two- Family Dwellings8/30/2016
Manufactured Home Alterations & Permit Guidelines8/30/2016
New and Replacement Water Heater Installations3/26/2020
Plan Submittal Checklist8/30/2016
Pool Barrier Fencing Requirements9/10/2020
Request to Duplicate Official Copy of Plans9/15/2020
Requirements for One- and Two- Family Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Systems (EVCS)3/31/2021
Residential Generator Checklist (For Permanently Installed Generators10/26/2020
Residential Plan Submittal Requirements3/22/2017
Sample Site Plan8/30/2016
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Retrofit Verification Form8/30/2016
Submittal Requirements Bulletin – Solar Photovoltaic Installations 10 kW or Less in One- and Two-Family Dwellings8/30/2016
Submittal Requirements for Commercial, Industrial and Multifamily Electric Vehicle Charging Systems (EVCS)3/31/2021
Water Safety Tips8/31/2016

Building - Standards

Balcony & Deck Standards9/30/2016
Detached Garage Standards9/30/2016
Freestanding Block Wall Standard8/30/2016
Patio Cover Standard4/1/2020
Pilaster Construction Detail.pdf8/30/2016
Roof Frame & Notch Standard9/30/2016
Sample Grease Interceptor9/30/2016
Solar PV Standard Plan8/30/2016
Wall Bracing Standard9/30/2016