Fiber Master Plan (FMP) Request For Proposals


The City of Indio, California is soliciting proposals in order to identify qualified individuals, firms or teams of firms to provide professional services to the City for the preparation of a Fiber Master Plan for the City of Indio. The selected consultant will be one that has demonstrated experience, qualifications and knowledge in the preparation of a citywide fiber master plan. The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit responses from individuals, firms, or teams of firms that desire to be considered for this project.

Fiber Master Plan (FMP) Request For Proposals

February 24, 2020, 4:00 p.m.

RFP Coordinator:
Kevin H. Snyder, AICP, Director of Community Development

Response to Proposer’s Questions for City of Indio Fiber Master Plan Request for Proposals (RFP)
Round 1 Questions
February 6, 2020

  1. What is the current state of the GIS related to its right-of-way infrastructure including poles, conduit, pull boxes, fiber, copper, traffic signal system and other needed information?

This information is not available in GIS.

  1. The scope of work speaks to evaluating the needs of “residential consumers” in Indio. Is it the intent of this project to evaluate feasibility of connecting all residences in the City, or only certain residential areas that express a need?

It is the intent to evaluate the feasibility of connecting all residences in the City. The proposer may identify in its RFP response limitations on this type of feasibility evaluation or alternate considerations for consideration by the City.

  1. When was the City’s last General Plan update completed?

The City Council adopted the Indio General Plan 2040 on September 18, 2019. The adopted General Plan may be accessed at

  1. Does the City own its street light poles?

Yes, except street lights mounted on wooden power poles. These are owned by the Imperial Irrigation District (IID).

  1. Is the traffic signal communication system comprised of copper, fiber or both?

The traffic signal communication system currently has copper and broadband radios. The Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) currently has projects that will install conduit and fiber along the following corridors:

  • Hwy 111 from Jefferson to Jackson
  • Jefferson from Hwy 111 to Indio Blvd
  • Monroe from Hwy 111 to Fred Waring
  • Jackson from Hwy 111 to Avenue 45

  1. Has the City implemented any smart city applications (intelligent transportation, public safety, video, wifi, street lights, parking, sensors)?

The City of Indio currently has ITS components i.e. 2070 ATC Controller, 352i ATC cabinets, Iteris Hybrid Cameras. When CVAG is complete with Phase I of the Signal Synchronization project along Hwy 111 there will be additional ITS components which include CMS, Bluetooth Travel Time, CCTCV.

  1. Does the City have a Capital Improvement Program?

Yes. The Capital Improvement Program is incorporated into the City’s Adopted Operating & Capital Improvement Budget (Fiscal Year 2019-20) that can be accessed at