Housing Element Update

2021-2029 Indio Housing Element Update  

Virtual Community Meetings: 

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Video Recording of February 18, 2021 Virtual Community Meeting No. 1

Video Recording of April 22, 2021 Virtual Community Meeting No. 2

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July 8, 2021 Virtual Community Meeting Login Information

Thank you for your interest in attending the third and final virtual community meeting for the City of Indio’s Housing Element Update project. Below you will find information for connecting to the July 8th virtual community meeting. Please note that the meeting will start at 6:30 PM at which time you will be able to join the meeting. Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to getting your thoughts and ideas on July 8, 2021.

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What is the Project?

 State law requires the City of Indio to update its Housing Element every eight years. With the previous eight year cycle Housing Element (2013 - 2021) coming to an end, the City must now plan for the next eight year cycle. Indio’s 6th Cycle Housing Element must be adopted and certified by October 2021. Without certification, the City could be penalized and lose important State funding.

The State sets the total number of units that each region in California must build. The Southern California region has to plan for over 1.3 million units. The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) is the regional planning agency that identifies and assigns the number of housing units each local government must plan for. In Indio’s case, SCAG has identified that the city must plan for the production of 7,812 housing units in the City between 2021 and 2029. 2,963 or 38% of the housing units must be affordable. More specifically, the City’s new Housing Element must plan for 1,793 affordable housing units for very-low income households for those earning less than 50% of the regional average median income and 1,170 affordable housing units for those earning between 50% and 80% of the regional average median income.

In addition to the update of the City’s Housing Element, the City will also explore the potential adoption of pro-housing policies and strategies. This effort will occur after the City Council’s adoption of the updated Housing Element. The California Department of Housing and Community Development will designate local governments as pro-housing if they adopt policies and strategies to accelerate housing production in their communities. Designated pro-housing jurisdictions will be awarded additional points or preference in programs such as the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC), Transformative Climate Communities (TCC), Infill Infrastructure Grant (IIG) programs and other state funding programs.

 How is the Project Being Funded?

 The City applied for and received a $300,000 Local Early Action Planning (LEAP) Grant for the project. The City executed its agreement with the California Department of Housing and Community Development for use of the grant monies on December 29, 2020.

Who is Managing the Project?

 The Indio Community Development Department is managing the project. In August 2020, the City Council approved a contract with Dudek to provide professional consulting services to the City to assist in the Housing Element Update and the development of potential pro-housing strategies.  

What is the Housing Element?

 The Housing Element is a required element of the General Plan and is the City’s strategic plan for providing new housing opportunities while preserving housing for existing residents. Every eight years, the State requires each local jurisdiction to plan for a certain allocation of housing units. The City’s Housing Element will serve as the City’s housing plan for 2021-2029, setting clear goals and objectives on meeting the housing needs of all segments of the population and preventing the displacement of existing residents. The Housing Element does not build new units, but rather provides a plan of action for producing housing of all types and income levels in the City. The components of the Housing Element are largely dictated by the State and typically must include:

  • A detailed analysis of the City’s demographic, economic, and housing characteristics;
  • A comprehensive analysis of the barriers to producing and preserving housing;
  • A review of the City’s progress in implementing current housing policies and programs;
  • An identification of goals, objectives, and policies, in addition to a full list of programs that will implement the vision of the plan; and
  • A list of sites (aka the Suitable Sites Inventory) that could accommodate new housing, demonstrating the City’s ability to meet the quantified housing number established in the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA). Identification of a site’s capacity does not guarantee that construction will occur on that site. If there are insufficient sites and capacity to meet the RHNA allocation, then the Housing Element is required to identify a rezoning program to create the required capacity.

Project Resources

January 20, 2021 - Joint City Council & Planning Commission Meeting: Housing Element Update Presentation

November 4, 2020 Council Agenda Packet for Dudek Professional Services Agreement

Indio 5th Cycle Housing Element (2014-2021)

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