Short Term Rentals

 Short-Term Residential Rental (STR) requirements:

Effective Jan. 25, 2021, short-term lodging rentals in Riverside County, including Indio, can open with modifications, and should continue to follow the guidance provided by the State of California regarding "Hotels, Lodging and Short-term rentals."  Additional questions may be addressed to


To view a map of registered Short Term Rentals in the City of Indio - Click Here

Owners of Short-Term Residential Rentals, besides a business license, are also required to obtain and renew a Short-Term Rental Permit and register for the purposes of collecting Transient Occupancy Tax. Starting June 15, 2017, the business license and the short-term rental permit will be issued as one combined document, therefore no fees will be charged for registration and/or renewal of the permit. The annual renewal of the short-term rental permit will be done automatically with the business license.

A. Short-Term Residential Rental managed by the home owner.

The permit application is submitted simultaneously with the business license application or when a long-term residential rental is converted to a short-term rental. 


Short-Term Rental Permit Application - Part 1
Short-Term Rental Permit Application - Part 2
Business License Application - Vacation Rentals

B. Short-Term Residential Rental under property management company.

 The management company should submit only once  "Part-1" of the following application, free of charge, and for each unlicensed property under management - "Part-2" plus  the Business License Application above.

Management Company - Short-Term Rental Permit Application - Part 1
Management Company - Short-Term Rental Permit Application - Part 2

The Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT), also known as room tax or bed tax, is a tax collected by the business operator from guests, or transients, with the room payment and, subsequently, remitted to the City of Indio. The current tax rate is 13%. The registration is onetime and is free of charge.  A management company collecting rents on STR rentals, should register for TOT  reporting purposes. Properties under management do not have to register for TOT.

Transient Occupancy Tax Registration Application

Operators of Short-Term Residential rentals are required on quarterly basis to report and submit to the city transient occupancy tax collected. Reports are due by the end of the month following the quarter end (April 30th for first quarter, July 31st for second, etc). Property management companies should submit monthly one summary report for all properties they manage, along with a detail schedule showing tax collected for each property under management.

TOT Reporting Form - Quarterly
TOT Reporting Form - Monthly

For more information, please refer to the Short Term Rental Resolution and the Short Term Rental Ordinance.


Vacation Rental Hotline


The City has established a call line, or “hotline,” if you need to register a complaint about a vacation rental home in your neighborhood. In a non-emergency situation such as a noise complaint, we ask that you call this number instead of calling the police. We invite your calls, but ask that you provide the address of the property in question. Also, if the call is related to a disturbance, it is important that you call during the event so that we may respond in a timely manner.

Good Neighbor Brochure