Policy Manual

The Indio Police Department’s policy manual is a living document that is subject to constant change. New laws, court decisions, City Council policies, new methodologies and other factors dictate the need for a continual review of these policies, initiating revisions where necessary and appropriate.

It is recognized that no set of policies and procedures, no matter how complete, can hope to address all the situations that may be encountered. When encountering such situations, this policy manual will serve as a guideline, and should be employed with sound reason, judgment and discretion.

Below, you will find the entire Indio Police Department's policy manual. Please click on the different policy names to read the contents of the documents.

IPD Policy Sections 2020

Administrative Communications
Adult Abuse
Asset Forfeiture
Bias-Based Policing
Body Armor
Body Worn Camera Systems
Brady Material Disclosure
Child Abuse
Child and Dependent Adult Safety
Cite and Release Policy
Citizen Contacts and Interactions
Civil Disputes
Communications with Persons with Disabilities
Contacts and Temporary Detentions
Crime Analysis
Crime and Disaster Scene Integrity
Criminal Organizations
Crisis Intervention Incidents
Custodial Searches
Death Investigation
Department Owned and Personal Property
Department Use of Social Media
Departmental Directive
Discriminatory Harassment
Domestic Violence
Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace
Electronic Mail
Emergency Utility Service
Eyewitness Identification
Field Training Officer Program
Foreign Diplomatic and Consular Representatives
Gun Violence Restraining Orders
Hazardous Material Response
Identity Theft
Immigration Violations
Impaired Driving
Indio Police Department Building Security
IPD Complete Policy Manual
Lactation Break Policy
Limited English Proficiency Services
Line-of-Duty Deaths
Major Incident Notification
Mandatory Employer Notification
Media Relations
Medical Aid and Response
Military Equipment
Missing Persons
Mobile Data Computer Use
Obtaining Air Support
Occupational Disease and Work-Related Injury Reporting
Off-Duty Law Enforcement Actions
Officer Response to Calls
Online Reporting Policy
Outside Agency Assistance
Outside Employment
Overtime Compensation Requests
Patrol Function
Personal Appearance Standards
Personnel Complaints
Policy Manual
Private Persons Arrests
Property and Evidence
Public Alerts
Public Recording of Law Enforcement Activity
Rapid Response and Deployment
Records Bureau
Records Maintenance and Release
Registered Offender Information
Report Preparation
Reporting of Employee Convictions
Response to Bomb Calls
Ride-Along Policy
Search and Seizure
Service Animals
Sexual Assault Investigations
Sexual Assault Investigations
Smoking and Tobacco Use
Special Assignment Selection and Rotation
Subpoenas and Court Appearances
Suspicious Activity Reporting
Taser Device
Temporary Custody of Adults
Temporary Custody of Juveniles
Traffic Citations
Traffic Collision Reporting
Traffic Function and Responsibility
Training Policy
Uniform Regulations
Use of Force
Victim and Witness Assistance
Watch Commanders