COVID-19 Updates

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has affected our lives in many ways, including water use. To help answer common questions about water quality, service and billing issues, Indio Water Authority has created this page as a trusted resource for accurate information to help our customers.

Your tap water is safe to drink

The coronavirus outbreak will not impact your water safety or delivery. There is no evidence that coronavirus transfers through drinking water. It transfers from person to person through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

 Indio Water Authority remains committed to its mission of providing safe, reliable water.We follow all state and federal regulations and testing that keep your tap water safe to drink. All of IWA's drinking water comes from deep groundwater wells (up to 1,200 feet deep), which do not contain viruses or pathogenic organisms. All water is chlorinated before entering the distribution system to ensure that it stays safe through our system to your home. For more information on how we test and maintain your water quality, please visit the Water Quality section of our website.

Committed to customer service

While Indio Water Authority makes some changes to the way we do business, our dedication to serving customers remains as strong as ever.

In an effort to protect the safety of the public and our workers, the IWA lobby is temporarily closed to customers. During this time, our staff is still available to assist customers. You can email or call (760) 391-4038 for assistance.

Options for paying your bill

Since the IWA lobby is closed to the public, in-person payments cannot be accepted at this time. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of any one of the following methods to pay bills:

  1. Online by visiting
  2. Call (760) 347-4958 for automated payment options 24/7
  3. Mail payments to Indio Water Authority – Bill Payment, PO Box 512490, Los Angeles, CA 90051-0490
  4. Bill pay through your bank
  5. Drop boxes at the Indio Corporate Yard East Entrance at 83101 Avenue 45 or City Hall North Parking Lot at 100 Civic Center Mall 

Stay at home, Save water!

At Indio Water Authority, we know sticking to essential-only activities during California’s coronavirus stay-at-home order is hard. Time spent at home provides a great opportunity to improve indoor and outdoor water conservation and check for leaks. Here are some tips you can do while home, that will have a long-lasting impact, indoors and out.

Walk around, check the ground!

The majority of a household’s water usage is outdoors. Use these ideas to save money and water outside.

  • Check your sprinklers! Adjust nozzle direction and sprinkler pressure to encourage proper water distribution and reduce overspray. Clear clogs in sprinkler heads to get better flow.
  • Water smartly, and only when necessary. Pay attention to the weather and turn off sprinklers when it is rainy or windy. Water in the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler.
  • Update your landscaping with native or drought tolerant plants. Water the roots and soil around plants rather than spraying the leaves and flowers.
  • Take advantage of IWA rebates, including irrigation upgrades and turf removal. Learn more at

Easy ways to reduce your indoor use

While people are spending more time at home, there are still some easy ways to reduce indoor water use.

  • Fewer loads means more savings. Wait until you have a full load before running a washing machine or dishwasher. Combining two loads into one uses 50% less water.
  • Let your dishwasher do the work. Scrape excess food off dishes instead of rinsing them clean. Modern dishwashers will still get them clean.
  • Take shorter showers. Reducing your shower time can save hundreds of gallons of water over the course of a year.

Click here to view our conservation flyer.


As California enters phases to reopen businesses, it is important to ensure the safety of water systems and devices in buildings that have been empty. Use the following resources to prepare before opening:

Click here to view our 8 Step Guide to Safely Re-Open your Business.

Water shutoffs

With proper sanitation and frequent hand washing essential to reducing the spread of the coronavirus, Indio Water Authority has temporarily suspended water shutoffs due to non-payment.

Those who are struggling to pay their water bills may qualify for the Help 2 Others Assistance Program. This partnership with United Way of the Desert offers eligible residential customers $50 bill credits up to two times each year.

To apply for financial assistance through the Help 2 Others program, you can fill out an application at or contact United Way of the Desert at (760) 323-2731.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my water still safe to drink? 

Yes. The coronavirus is not transmitted through water. All water provided by IWA is treated and meets or exceeds all state and federal standards.

Why have you closed your customer service counter?

In order to protect the health of both visitors and employees, the IWA office lobby is now closed to the public.

I typically pay my water bill in person. What options are now available?

Customers have several alternatives to paying bills at the IWA customer service counter. Options include phone, mail, the IWA website, utilizing a bank bill pay service or placing payments in drop boxes at Indio City hall or the Indio Corporate Yard.

Will my water be shut off if I fall behind on payments?

Indio Water Authority temporarily suspended water shutoffs due to non-payment during the current State of Emergency due to nonpayment.

Is financial assistance available?

The Help 2 Other program offers financial assistance to qualifying IWA customers. This program is administered by United Way of the Desert. Additional details and an application can be found by visiting their website here.

Additional COVID-19 resources

Indio Water Authority and the City of Indio understands you may have additional questions about the coronavirus and available assistance programs. Please visit the City of Indio Covid-19 website at for additional information and resources.