Water Conservation

Governor Newsom issued a statement on March 28, 2022 calling for California to boost conservation efforts. Water agencies throughout the state are enacting Stage II of Water Shortage Contingency Plans and State conservation actions to align with the State Water Resources Control Board's directive.

Stage II of Water Shortage Contingency Plan and State conservation actions are in effect. 

Current water use restrictions are as follows:

  • Watering so much that it runs into the sidewalk, driveway, or other non-landscape areas.
  • Timely repair of broken sprinklers.
  • Water during and after 48 hours of measurable rainfall.
  • Running water to wash vehicles. Use of buckets and shutoff nozzles on hoses is allowed.
  • Outdoor water use is prohibited during daylight hours for spray irrigation, except for leak checks.
  • Restaurants can serve water upon request.
  • Reduce outdoor water use by 10%.
  • Watering of "non-functional" turf in commercial, industrial, and institutional areas, i.e. areas not used for human recreational areas, except for health of trees and non-turf plantings. 

Useful Links:

  • Water Saving Tips:  Visit CV Water Counts at  www.cvwatercounts.comThis website is a resource for customers serviced by a water agency in the Coachella Valley. There's also an outdoor irrigation guide that you can refer to.
  • Report Water Waste: If you see instances such as excess water runoff, broken sprinklers or overwatered landscapes, let us know by calling (760) 391-4129 or submit online here
  • Rebates: Apply for a rebate to remove turf, install smart irrigation controllers, and water efficient indoor fixtures.  Click here for more information. 

Watering/Irrigation Guides:

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Other Resources:

 Water Efficient Landscape Development Standards (Ordinance 1684)
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Visit the Water Use it Wisely page for additional tips to help you save water.