Report Water Wasters

Report Water Wasters call (760) 391-4129

Do you ever see water running in the street from overwatered landscapes, broken sprinklers, flooding in parking lots, or overflowing water fountains?   The public are our eyes in the community and we rely on your communication to help stop water wasters.   The IWA is doing our part by investigating and addressing waste caused by:

  • Excess water runoff
  • Sprinklers pointed at hard surfaces (i.e. sidewalks and roadways) instead of landscape
  • Watering while it is raining
  • Hosing down driveways, sidewalks, or other hard surfaces
  • Watering too long or too often
  • Wasting water by not repairing leaks
  • Commercial car washing or pressure washing without collecting water to prevent runoff 

    waste waterExcess water not only wastes valuable resources but also causes damage to sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and pavement, costing residents extra tax dollars each year.

The goal of the water waste program is to make sure we solve the problem by teaching people how to do a better job of using water outdoors. To help customers use water wisely, the IWA offers free water audits and analyses of landscapes and irrigation systems. 

Tougher enforcement of the City’s Water Waste Ordinance requires your help.  To report broken sprinklers or water wasted in the streets, call the Water Waster Hotline at (760) 391-4129.  Please include the time of day you see water wasted and the address or cross streets of the location.