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Education & Videos

Welcome to the IWA videos page!  Here you'll find educational videos on groundwater, watersheds, well construction, regional issues, and more. 

Water: Who Needs It? 
Runtime: 14m 15s
This colorful video helps children understand the importance of water in their lives and demonstrates the ways they can conserve and protect this vital resource. Children also learn why clean water is important for the growth of healthy plants.

The California Water Story
Runtime: 16m 28s
California's most important and sought after resource is what this story is all about
Audience: School-age to adult

Acre Foot
Runtime: 22s
This video explains the definition of an acre foot of water

Hydrologic Cycle
Runtime: 1m 17s
This video gives a brief overview of the water cycle

Kids Corner

The U.S. Geological Survey Water Science School

WaterSense for Kids

Drinking Water Kids' Stuff